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why suvai

Pure & Fresh, Straight from the Source

Our focus on procuring the right product from the right market contributes to being the finest in taste, nutrition and well-being.

  • Wood-pressed oil and absolutely no refined oil.
  • In-house freshly ground spice and masalas, to suit your palette and keep the freshness alive.
  • Daily caught Seafood and high-quality meat is transported from its source of origin to Suvaii every day.
  • No Soda, No Artificial Color, No Preservatives& No Ready to eat meals
Our Menus

Bridging the Taste Gap in Bangalore

Bangalore had a huge significant taste gap when it came to offering a complete non-vegetarian breakfast or meal but not anymore. Savour the complete non-veg breakfast that is unheard of at Suvaii. Enjoy the essence of our multiple non-veg gravies cooked in our special ingredients with hot rice or our special Tiffin menu. These dishes are definitely something that you’d come back for more.  Maintaining consistent quality is our top priority. Restaurants that specialize in specific dishes face significant challenges, such as relying on manpower, maintaining consistent taste, and managing logistics. We have it all cracked with technology, innovation, strong logistics, Supply chain and SOP that are sustainable for the long term.


Our Popular Dishes

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Ayirai Meen Kolambu

Fresh Dam water fish is procured every day from the Dams in Madurai. Apart from its lip-smacking taste, it also has great medicinal value.

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Mutton Paaya

A Healthy Stew which is low in carbs and high in protein is served right in the morning at 7:00 am. You can swing by post your morning walk/gym routine.

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Kari Dosa

Our Pizza-like Dosa layered with Egg Drops, our secret Non-Veg Sauce topped with chunky pieces of Roasted Mutton. Soak it with the Suvaii Special Gravy.

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Enjoy Madurai's favourite Jigarthanda with its specially made ice cream topped with flavoured Malai or our Elaneer Payasam (Coconut Kheer).